Thư trả lời của ĐHY Trần Nhật Quân về nhận định của HY Re, Niên trưởng HY Đoàn

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Thư trả lời của ĐHY Trần Nhật Quân về nhận định của HY Re, Niên trưởng HY Đoàn

本人在去年九月尾把英、意文版的《為了熙雍,我決不緘默》一書寄給所有樞機,也附上了我對六月底教廷 〈對國內神職人員向政府註冊一事的牧民指示〉所提出的質疑和我的一封信。後來那封信被公開了,我當然並不介意。
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To the head of the Cardinal Re (Ray Rohan)
At the end of September last year, I sent the book "for heyong, I will not silent" to all cardinal pivotees, with my instructions to the Holy See's members with the government at the end of June. Some questions were raised and a letter from me. That letter was released later and I certainly didn't mind.
A letter from the head of the Cardinal College sent to all cardinals on February 28th I have not received which the original copy that should have been sent to me. The content of the letter is simply a war on me, reprimanding my remarks about China-Vatican Relations.
The Newly-called Dean of Cardinal College is not a specialist in Chinese Affairs, and certainly did not write the letter. We've heard many of the myths in the letter many times. Someone has defended me in the media in Italy. However, I have a responsibility to respond to the letter.
In fact, it's easy, these are all that everyone has heard and read; it's only someone else repeating a hundred times, you should answer him at least ten times! Please forgive me. I also ask readers to forgive me for not posting the translation of the Cardinal Dean's letter, which is posted on the website of gampaul. Again, excuse me for writing an Italian response, of course, to allow the cardinals and Italian media to compare our two letters.
To the head of the Cardinal Re (Ray Rohan)
His Excellency the Cardinal,
Please tolerate my response to your big letter in an open letter so that our conversation is more direct in time.
Your letter of February was only sent to me yesterday (February). It turns out that it was your first letter since you took office, and the content was directed at me. How could I not be flattered? But you are brave to do this. You also know that the issue discussed in the letter is quite complex, so it seems to be dangerous to affect your image and future operations in the Cardinal College. However, it seems that there is a "Vice Pope" in the holy see today that will give all the collaborators with amazing courage.
Let me respond to your big letter in segments.
1. The letter highlights the three popes's views on the zhongfan issue, basically consistent. I invite everyone to refer to ultime conversations, page 161-162 (Pope Benedict gave me a book and wrote "we both in prayer and in spirit".)
Journalist Peter Seewald asked Pope Benedict:
" have you ever endorsed and supported Pope s' ' Oriental Policy - Ospolitik ' (John Paul II)?"
Pope Benedict replied:
" we've talked about it. Apparently, the policy implemented by Casaroli, though well-purpose, was actually failed.
Pope John Paul II's new approach is from the experience he has gained in hand with those powers.
Of course no one would have expected that the (European) Communist party would fall so soon, but it was clear that (churches face those regime) should not compromise and give in, but fight hard to the end.
This is the basic view of John Paul II, and I agree."
2. It is easy for you to prove to me that Pope Benedict XVI has passed today's agreement between the holy see and Beijing:
First, show me the text of the agreement (I haven't seen it so far)
Second, show me the id you found in the archive.
Of course, everyone will still ask why he did not sign it at that time?
3. As for saying that " Independence " is no longer " absolutely " independent ". Such a change is truly amazing and epoch-making. However, I am afraid that this change only exists in the mind of the Secretary of State, and I am afraid that there is also a problem in the translation of the only Chinese text in the ministry (he also translated Pope Benedict'S 2007 letter. , at least ten mistakes were made). However, this very smart Secretary of State, though he does not know Chinese, may not really be misguided. It seems that he is more likely to be misled.
The fourth part of the 4. in Letter is quite confusing and I don't understand.
In fact, what happened before us (Secret Agreement, seven finalists were appointed bishop to encourage underground patriotic union).
I have reason to believe that  the Secretary of State was misleading and manipulating the Pope. The Pope was very kind to me but didn't answer many of my questions. Many Holy See's instructions I never understand. Brothers from the mainland cried and asked me, "what to do". I said the Holy See said that it can do, and someone did it, don't criticize. Luckily the Holy See also said that it will respect your conscience, then you be quiet and truly retreat the ground (as in the kiln situation of the early church of Rome). Don't fight hard against any injustice, lest you lose more.
Please point out where I was wrong?
5. As for prayer, I definitely agree that is the most important thing.
Not long ago, I noticed that the Holy See specifically encouraged the use of "sub tuum praesidium" to call on the Virgin Mary and a scripture calling for the Lord Saint Michael. Of course the most traditional prayer of " Oremus Pro Pontify Nostro " for the Pope, especially the last phrase " may the Lord not let him fall into enemy's tricks ".
Wishing you a happier time than today in your term as Dean of the Cardinal College!
Cardinal Chen
First Sunday of lent
The Gospel of madu (4:8-10)
And the devil brought him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and its glory, saying to him, " if you bow down and worship me, I will give it to you." Jesus said to him :" go! Satan! For it is written, " worship the Lord, your God only serve him.""
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本人在去年九月尾把英、意文版的「為了熙雍,我決不緘默」一書寄給所有樞機,也附上了我對六月底教廷「對國內神職人員向政府註冊一事的牧民指示」所提出的質疑和我的一封信。後來那封信被公開了,我當然並不介意。 .....
本人在去年九月尾把英、意文版的「為了熙雍,我決不緘默」一書寄給所有樞機,也附上了我對六月底教廷「對國內神職人員向政府註冊一事的牧民指示」所提出的質疑和我的一封信。後來那封信被公開了,我當然並不介意。 .....
本人在去年九月尾把英、意文版的「為了熙雍,我決不緘默」一書寄給所有樞機,也附上了我對六月底教廷「對國內神職人員向政府註冊一事的牧民指示」所提出的質疑和我的一封信。後來那封信被公開了,我當然並不介意。 .....
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