07/11/20188:50 SA
Cardinal Joseph Zen, the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong and a long-time leader for human rights and religious freedom in Communist China, said the Vatican's deal to normalize relations with the Marxist regime "means the annihilation of the real Church in China." He added that Pope Francis doesn't seem to understand the situation on the ground and "may have a natural sympathy for Communists."
20/10/20187:58 SA
Reportedly, the pope used McCarrick in talks with Iran and allowed him to be highly influential, if not the pope’s principal operative, in negotiating the Vatican’s new controversial ecclesial agreement with the Chinese government. In so doing, the pope revived the lifeline of the previously side-lined McCarrick despite the cardinal having been “put out to pasture” during Benedict XVI’s pontificate. The new pontiff may also have found interest in Cardinal McCarrick’s reported political acumen and influence in American politics. McCarrick was a back-channel ally between President Obama, Cuba, and the pope in the years leading up to the administration’s secretive Cuban deal.
11/10/20189:56 CH
NEWS ANALYSIS: Opinions differ about whether the letter adequately debunks Archbishop Viganò’s claims of a Vatican cover-up of Archbishop McCarrick’s sexual misconduct.
09/10/20189:52 CH
Ngày 06.10.18 Tòa Thánh đã ra thông tri về chuyện liên quan tới việc tổng giám mục Giám Mục C.M. Vigano tố cáo nhiều vị lãnh đạo ở Vatican, cụ thể là giáo tông Phan-sinh, đã cố tình bưng bít tội lạm dụng tình dục của giáo trụ (hồng i) T.E. McCarrick, cựu giám mục tổng giáo phận New York. Vigano còn bảo rằng, McCarrick đã bị cựu giáo tông Biển-đức XVI. phạt vạ, nhưng vạ này đã được giáo tông Phan-sinh rút lại. Sau đây là nội dung bản thông tri, dịch theo bản dịch tiếng Anh của Tòa Thánh. Phạm Hồng-Lam.
21/09/201812:10 SA
Phong trào Giáo Dân Việt Nam Hải Ngoại (PTGDVNHN) hân hạnh gửi đến quí cơ quan truyền thông kết quả Giải Tự Do Tôn Giáo Nguyễn Kim Điền Năm 2018. Xin quí vị tiếp tay giúp phổ biến rộng rãi.
19/09/20189:28 SA
A newspaper tied to the Chinese Communist Party reported Tuesday that a delegation of Vatican officials will head to China “in late September” for a final round of talks before an agreement on the appointment of bishops is signed.
11/09/201812:07 CH
VATICAN CITY — As three airliners smashed into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, and Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001, Joaquín Navarro-Valls, at the time the director of the Vatican press office, delivered the news to Pope John Paul II.
07/09/20189:20 SA
BẢN LÊN TIẾNG Về Các Tù Nhân Lương Tâm Và Thực Trạng Nhân Quyền Tại Việt Nam
06/09/20184:14 SA
Sometimes even allies offer advice that is ill-conceived, and I think that applies to some of what Fr. Raymond de Souza wrote recently for the National Catholic Register.
01/09/20188:09 SA
“The attempts to rewrite the traditional doctrine that regards homosexual acts as disordered in themselves,” says the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Chur, Switzerland, “and therefore forbids them, are conspicuous.”
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